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A course for those who are curious ; for beginners, and also for more experienced students.


In past times Artists, Architects, and Learned People would go on their “Grand Tour” to visit sites in the classical world, the cradle of western civilization, studying and observing, drawing and painting the landscapes, monuments and ruins as they went.

In our accelerated contemporary world we rush around photographing and taking selfies with our cell phones, too often without truely seeing or understanding.


So this course is anachronistic !


I propose a more reflective observation, a search for understanding, pondered study, backed up by a recognition of the history of the land.


 We shall spend a week visiting and personally recording some of the landscapes and monuments around Crotone - gathering impressions of Ionic Calabria. Ruined medieval towns ; castles and coastal watch towers built to defend against the invading Saracen ; the ruined remains of once famous Greek temples.

The visual and painterly aspect of the course shall be supported by brief explanations of of the historian significance of the sites we shall visit.

By the end of the week the student should have gained a much more profound appreciation of a territory that has it’s roots in the mythological past of Magna Grecia.

3000 years ago Crotone was the ancient greek colony of Kroton, a city with 11 miles of defensive wall, so famed in the Ancient World for it’s medical school that Pythagoras himself chose to come to set up his school of philosophy and mathematics.

The student shall return home with a folio of sketches and paintings that may speak more quietly, but much more sincerely than 1000 snapshots, and be without a doubt a far more personal record of the experience.


Traditional local foods, specialities and wines. ( Have you ever tried tried spaghetti with sea anemonie ? Think of the aroma of a fresh sea-breeze. )


Issues we shall tackle ; Composition - choosing my point of view. Understanding and working with perspective. Measured drawing. Chiaroscuro for drama. Colour mixing and use of colour temperature. Using coloured papers.


Though I have decried a plethora of photos - do bring a camera ! It is also a very valuable tool enabling you to record and research compositions for later development and translation in painting in your home studios.


Portable easel , drawing board and stool shall be provided for each student whilst attending the course.

Pencils, a range of colours  and brushes plus watercolour paper in sizes A4 and A5 shall be given to each student. (If you already have your favourite brushes, palette and colours, do bring them ).

Lunch and tea breaks will be provided in different forms depending on the location we are working in ; the ruined medieval town = a barbecue ; on the beach = sandwiches ; in town = at a local trattoria.


This course shall run ;


in April/May  _  from  26.04.2020  to  02.05.2020 .


in June/July  _  from  28.06.2020  to  04.07.2020 .


in September  _  from  20.10.2020  to  26.09.2020 .


and in October  _  from  25.10.2020  to  31.10.2020  .  


When booking please remember to indicate dates selected.


maximum number of students - 8



Reduced Costs for NON RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS ------ see in “Terms and Conditions” below

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