1,600.00 / 2 week(s)



is about Construction Combining Hand & Throwing Techniques


Two weeks duration, dedicated to the exploration of adjusting wheel thrown forms and combining them with techniques of hand building.

The students initially shall follow a program of brief practical demonstrations and mini-projects aimed at encouraging imagination and sensitivity towards a dialogue in composite forms and the implications of abstract form.


Three optional evening slide lectures specifically relevant to this course shall concentrate on ;

1.  The problems and solutions of complex construction, and firing strategies.

2.  Knowing Essential Clay and Glaze Chemistry.

3.  Aesthetics ; Vitality and Dynamism in Functional and Non-Functional works.


This course has been conceived as a possible modular extension to courses A and B, permitting those who have laid or consolidated the working foundations in either Hand Building or Throwing to further their skills and understanding with this “off the beaten track” course.


This course runs ;


in July / August _ from  19.07.2020  to  01.10.2020 ,


and in October _  from  11.10.2020  to  24.10.2020 .


maximum number of students - 6



Reduced Costs for NON RESIDENTIAL STUDENTS ------ see in “Terms and Conditions” below

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